How smart shopping trolley can impact the market in 2021

Smart Shopping Cart

2020 was a fruitful year for innovation and technology, and the humanitarian aid it brought during a global crisis and impacted the lives of many. There are drone-wifi servers now that provides better range internet connectivity in remote areas; Augmented Reality enabled learning tools became a popular mode of education during the lockdown period helping students and facilitators connect with one another remotely; we also witnessed a surge in telemedicine last year with home testing and digital appointments becoming popular mode to diagnose ailments. The government and private organizations invested in many applications to trace the infected population, and also diagnose symptoms properly.  

The shopping and retail industry has also adapted to this ongoing change, with hyperlocal retail outlets increasing doorstep delivery, online payment, and adopting self-checkout methods at retail stores. Yet, retail outlets face the issue of unmanageable crowds often that comprise the safety of customers and staffers. One of the unique solutions to tackle this problem is by introducing smart trolly to retail stores.


What does a Smart shopping trolly do?

Unlike any ordinary shopping cart, smart trolly functions digitally. A smart trolly is equipped with a touchscreen and other various hardware components to automatically detect what items the customer is placing inside and even how many of those items they have picked off the shelf. When the customer is done shopping, they are allowed checks out instantly with the UPI payment option. This way the customer can avoid queuing up for checkout and there is no need for a human cashier as well.   

How can it change the way you shop?

Imagine going inside a retail store, placing items you want to purchase into your shopping cart, and leaving the store. It may seem hard to picture, but a NO-Q smart trolly is designed just for that. Crowded retail markets and long hours at the checkout queue is a standard scenario at any supermarket, but as a shopper, it is almost impossible to avoid the queue. A smart trolly is digitally equipped that scans items instantly as you put them in your cart, the screen attached to the smart trolly displays all the items you have purchase along with the total price. So, a smart trolly can essentially help you stick to your shopping budget.

You can also sync your phone to the smart trolly and download your shopping list, it will ensure you don’t miss out on anything from your list. However, the biggest benefit of smart trolly is that it lets you shop on your terms. With a smart trolly, there’s no need to waste time queuing up for checkout, as the cart facilities digital checkout and payment features. You can pay via UPI or your card easily and instantly.   

What can it mean for your retail business?

A retail store allows customers a convenient way of shopping, with every product imaginable available at hand, and the stores want to give an optimum experience to their customers. Smart trolly is a product that will elevate the customer experience. As a retailer, you can curate a shopping list for your customer with the help of a smart trolly, based on their purchase history at your store. Smart trolly will allow you to advertise new arrival items to your customers, smart trolly can also guide your customers in finding substitute items/brands easily.

One of the prime benefits of having a smart trolly at your retail outlet is that the cart is a virtual assistant that will free up staff to cater to other tasks. It is also equipped with a self-checkout option, so your customer can have a seamless shopping experience. A product like smart trolly will also help retailers to abide by safety protocols at their stores and will help free up space inside the store exponentially.

Is the retail market already using smart shopping trolly?

Many retail stores have adopted smart shopping trolly because of their enormous potential at the retail market level. Companies like Amazon have developed Amazon dash cart which functions at their retail stores in the USA. The Amazon dash cart automatically detects items through sensors, cameras, and computer vision algorithms. It allows the customers to skip the checkout line in a physical store by charging the credit cards attached to their Amazon accounts. This cart can also be synced with Amazon Alexa, so the customers can download their shopping list directly onto their dash cart and shop with ease.

In the European market, MAGO Clever smart trolly has made an impact in retail. Pertaining to the health safety protocol the Clever trolly helps customers to get the exact product they want, so the customer only touches the groceries once, as they take it from the shelves. Importantly, there’s no need to repack. The customer just pays, detaches the bag, returns the trolley, and leaves.

From a public safety point of view, a smart trolly helps customers to socially distance themselves. The trolly guides the customer to the product they need, avoiding contamination issues, and it allows customers to spend minimum time at the store.

Is there a smart trolly available in the Indian market and which companies in India develop smart trolly?

Although in India, the concept of a smart cart is fairly new and in the developing stages. The tech company in India, Spartax Innovative machines has developed a NO-Q smart cart. NO-Q smart cart enables the customer with faster and easier checkouts. The smart cart has AI-enabled design, Machine Vision, Embedded systems, and IoT technology that creates a magical experience for the shopper. Customers can pay via UPI or card without them having to wait hours in the queue to checkout. Spartax Innovative machine’s NO-Q smart cart can potentially change how you shop in India.

In Conclusion:

During the era of the pandemic, the retail industry is going through some major changes. Having a smart shopping cart is a bonus for the retail industry as it allows customers to browse their items without coming in close contact with other customers or store staff members. It guides customers to the product they need efficiently; the smart cart also allows quick payment. It is an important device that can bring about a significant change in the retail market in 2021.

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