NO-Q Smart Trolley Answers the Needs of Present-Day Retail

As the world is becoming more techno-centric, artificially intelligent self-service technology is taking the front seat. Self-service technology is becoming increasingly popular both online as well as in shops. This growth is perceived as beneficial for customers and companies alike. Customers feel comfortable with self-service solutions, especially because they have more control over the service process. This, on the other hand, benefits the company's total cost-to-serve by lowering overhead and streamlining order management.

Self-service technology has made its mark in every single industry. The automotive and Aviation industry introduced the concept of auto-pilot, which allows the vehicle to take partial or full command over the vehicle. The ATM, the gesture feature on your phone, UPI payment method, self-checkout at the grocery store- all of these services have their roots tied to the concept of self-service.

The supermarket is one such sector that requires modification when it comes to self-service. The endless queues at the supermarket make shoppers weary and according to Research by Ahreum Maeng, the University of Wisconsin-Madison “Socially crowded environment leads people to think more concretely and lowers the willingness to pay for a product.” So, to combat the issue of long-ques and crowded supermarkets, a smart trolly is a unique solution.

What is NO-Q Smart Trolly?

NO-Q smart trolly is an innovative solution for shoppers. Tech-giant Amazon has already introduced Amazon smart cart in its retail stores in the USA, that scan items as it put into the cart, identifies accurate weight of fresh produce items, and let customers pay and checkout on the go. Customer can also connect their Amazon Alexa with Amazon smart cart, which instantly downloads the shopping list to the smart cart.

NO-Q trolly is enabled with features like Scan and add items; which scans the item as you put it inside the trolly, QR code to connect it with your smartphone, Login credentials, UPI-based pay, and checkout option.

Three Benefits of NO-Q Smart Trolly for customers

NO-Q smart cart has an integrated billing and bar code scanner. It automatically detects the product you have put in your cart and displays the accurate cost of the product. The smart cart also has an inbuilt UPI/ card payment option installed. The system requires less power supply and it displays the total amount to the user, making it absolutely user-friendly.

  • Keep your budget in check

One of the prime benefits of a smart trolly is, it helps you keep your budget in check! As you put items in your cart, the trolly scans the items and display the gross total bill as you keep adding items. This feature will help you keep a track of the things you purchase, so can shop what you absolutely need and not stray away from your original shopping list.

  • No waiting in the queue

Nobody likes waiting in the queue, be it at the airport check, or the public toilet. The long queues at the checkout counter or a queue to get the produce items tagged is arguably the most unappealing aspect of shopping at a supermarket. You may even hear stories of shoppers leaving the store before purchasing items because of long waits in the queue. It is not only an issue for the customer but it affects the business as well.

With a self-servicing cart like NO-Q smart trolly, people won’t have to unnecessarily wait in long queues. As the cart detects items automatically and generates a gross bill as you shop, you won’t have to stand in the line for checkout.

  • Social Distancing

Amidst the pandemic, social distancing has been a major topic of concern for shoppers and businesses alike. Crowds at a retail market is a pretty common scenario, however as social distancing is essentially the need of the hour for safety, a smart trolly is a viable option that retail stores can adapt to ensure the safety of their customer.

The customer can shop for themselves without coming in close contact with other shoppers, they can skip the process of queuing up for checkout as NO-Q smart trolly is equipped with a self-checkout system.

Top Benefits of NO-Q Smart Trolly for customers

NO-Q smart trolly is a step towards changing the shopping experience for both buyer and the retailer, while customers get the benefits of self-checkout and avoid long queues, it offers a list of possibilities for retailers as well.

  • Control crowd at the retail store

By just adding a smart trolly, retail stores could manage and control the crowd inside stores. Since the trolly is equipped with a self-checkout service, the checkout counter would be free to serve another customer. It will also free up space for better movement inside the store.

  • Suggest your customer purchase items

NO-Q smart trolly can be an effective tool for advertisement for retailers. Retail stores could use NO-Q to showcase personalized promotional material based on the customer's recent buying experience or to remind consumers about the items currently in their cart.

  • Cost-effective option

A NO-Q smart trolly is a cost-effective and efficient option for retail stores. The add-to-cart and self-checkout option will save time for the employees, so they can assist the customers better and engage themselves in other works.

In Conclusion: Shop and Dash

Technology is continually evolving to make our lives convenient. NO-Q smart trolly help customers keeping a track of the items they shop for, with a smart trolly customers can avoid ques altogether. For retail stores, it is efficient and cost-effective, it makes the job easier for employees. All in all, one can say, NO-Q smart trolly is definitely going to bring convivence to the convenience store!  

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