An effective approach to sustainable agricultural management

Spartax’s Drone Technology in the field of agro-industry ensures effective and efficient farming decisions. Whether aerial photography, 3D mapping, or aerial surveillance, drones are much more well-structured, offering better informed agronomic decisions.


Soil and Field Analysis

Drone Technology in the field of agro-industries allows you to collect data to assess water conditions in the field, manage drainage systems, evaluate soil health and other fundamental elements by providing 3D maps and real-time imagery of the field.


Reduce Cost-Time-Effort

Drone cameras provide an overview of the land and ensure all the operations are running smoothly. Using Drone Technology for Land Monitoring not only increases efficiency but also reduces cost, time and effort by providing Geo-Tagging aerial images.

Effective Scouting

With the help of our advanced Drone Technology now you can take 3D scans of the vast area of the forest. View high-quality 3D images and videos in real-time to improve efficiency and spot errors effectively.

Livestock Monitoring

Monitoring the movement of livestock on the farm can be effectively carried out with the help of Drone Technology. Survey your livestock movement and health, perform counts and monitor the land working staff for more efficient livestock management using Drone technology.

Crop Mapping & Survey

With advanced Drone Technology, it is easy to create effective crop mapping and identify water stress that is often not visible from the ground or with standard color cameras.

Aerial Surveillance

It often gets tedious to survey a vast stretch of the dense forest by foot. Aerial surveillance by drones covers a large area with focused coverage that allows you to detect risks resulting in early elimination of the same.

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