Afforest the planet faster than humans

The sustainability of forests is very important. Spartax brings you the Drone Technology that will help you create a warrantable and credible environment. With the help of this advanced technology, you can gain better insights and accurate data, monitor plant health, perform inspections, and improve safety. Drone Technology offers a larger collation of data that offers a better understanding and helps in tracking the health of the forest and its inhabitants.


Accurate data-driven Analysis

Managing vast stretches of land is time consuming and tedious, often resulting in inaccurate conclusions as operations are performed manually. With the help of our drones, it is possible to get accurate data, providing comprehensive insights and analysis.


Reduce Time-Effort

The unmanned aerial vehicle will provide you an overview of the entire forest even where humans cannot go. It reduces manpower and a fair amount of time with more effective results.

Drone Photogrammetry

Drone Photogrammetry allows you to take 3D maps and models of the land. It ensures us to spot errors easily and more effectively.

Monitoring Wildlife

With the help of our Drone Technology, you can monitor the entire forest and ensure the protection of wildlife. Aerial imagery, movement recognition software, data processing, mapping provided by AI-powered drones help you to scan the potential risk, track the movement of the animals, check their habitat preferences and aggression and analyze them with much more efficiency.

Assessing Plant Health

AI-based drones will help you to detect plant disease by using thermal imagery, topographic surveying, aerial mapping and allow you to take preventive measures accordingly.

Aerial Surveillance

It often gets tedious to survey a vast stretch of the dense forest by foot. Aerial surveillance by drones covers a large area with focused coverage that allows you to detect risks resulting in early elimination of the same.

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